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Now You Can Create Virtual Tours With Just Your Mobile Phone

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to create virtual tours with just your mobile phone and without the requirement for specialist cameras and equipment. The app is simple to operate and allows you to embed still images, 360-degree images, Panoramas and video sequences direct from your phone.

Our Showcases can be built using just a mobile phone

Although you may want to use a 360-degree camera, which you can do using Sceneuno, you can also create a professional showcase of your property or space using the hardware native to your iPhone or Android device. You can pull anything in your gallery into a scene. If you have a 360-degree camera such as a Ricoh Theta or a Go-pro with 360-degree capability, then you will be able to save your images directly to the gallery on Android and the camera roll on iPhone using the app that operates the cameras. You can add them to a scene. Or in fact, a panorama was taken using the camera on the device itself. You can also insert stills if you think that would best serve the purpose of what you are doing.

Insert Videos to improve the tour

Adding video scenes with commentary will also enhance the showcase and may offer further insight as to what you are trying to showcase. A kitchen area for example may be videoed to highlight features such as the appliances, or the garden for it's position and outlook. if you don't want to play the background sound from the video then you can switch this off and should you wish to enhance the viewing experience with music then you can overly one of our soundtracks just by selecting to do so and choosing the music from our list.

To find out more about Sceneuno and how you can effectively use it please book a demo now.

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