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Easily Showcase Your Vehicle With A Virtual Tour

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

You can use Sceneuno to easily showcase your vehicle with a virtual tour and embed it in your advert or share a link online. The main way people do this at the moment is to upload a video to youtube and then paste a link to it in the place they are advertising, Ebay, Autotrader, Gumtree etc. A better way to do this is to create a series of scenes and using a number of different outputs, each one best representing whatever it is you are trying to highlight.

360-degree shots of the Interior of the car

Most examples of the car ads will just show you a picture of the front and rear seats taken from one side of the car with the door open. A 360 degree shot taken on a tripod in the centre or even from the back seat of the vehicle will give the buyer a greatly enhanced view of what they are getting, from being able to see the seats condition, the dash and instruments and even the carpets and headlining all in one scene. Anything you still wish to highlight can still be added as a still image.

Videos when you start the car up and drive it.

You can add video content as one or many of the scenes to show the car running prove there are no warning lamps on during this time, and even show the car being driven and coming to a standstill. You are, after all, trying to get people to make an offer online or come to see the car for real. The more of a look at what they are being offered then the less chance of the sale falling through and valuable time being wasted. You also won't need any special editing skills to do this as you can upload using Sceneuno as a series of short scenes instead of having to do one long shot and hoping you don't mess anything up or editing smaller scenes into one long video for Youtube. Have a look at our tutorials to see how we do this.

To find out how you can use Sceneuno effectively to help you sell your vehicle please feel free to book a demo now.

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