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How Can Commercial Agents Benefit From Using Virtual Tours?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Showcasing of offices, warehousing, retail and industrial units can be just as valuable to a Commercial Agent as it is to an Estate or Lettings Agent. When we were looking for a new office we must have visited about 20 places with 4 or 5 Commercial Agents before we found the right one for us. Had we been able to see in detail what we were being offered we would have reduced this to maybe a shortlist of 3 without wasting anybody's time or leaving our desks. Sceneuno is the perfect tool for offering the prospect a "good look around" without having to waste staff time and resources and just as importantly nowadays, without putting anyone at risk of Covid.

Showcase an office or Workspace

Some companies want to show their office spaces and work environments to prospective employees or to let their customers see the environment their products, food and services are supplied from. A good example is this coffee roastery - the client wanted to show where the coffee is roasted for his artisanal coffee houses. All adding to the unique experience of using his independent coffee shops.

To find out how you can use virtual tours to help you please book a video demo today.

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